I contacted CTC upon recommendation. I was struggling with confidence to start a new career. Fear of failure was heavily weighing me down and a past negative experience proving a barrier in moving forward.
Clive was so welcoming and instantly put me at ease. He used a number of techniques including EFT and hypnosis.
Afterwards I felt lighter and as if waking from a deep sleep. My thinking changed and continue to change for the better over the following weeks. I applied for my new career and have been successful at the first few stages so far.
The negative associations that were cripplingly powerful are so diminished in my mind they barely register. If they do, it’s fleeting and has no impact on my confidence. I am so grateful for all Clive did, the techniques have changed my life’s course and I would recommend anyone who feels they could benefit to contact him without hesitation.

I have been suffering daily crippling headaches, facial nerve pain, facial swelling, tooth pain and earaches for 10 months. To say this has had an impact on me and my family life is an understatement it’s been horrendous, depressing and really frightening. I have been seen by varying doctors who conducted MRI and lots of blood tests, dentists, a neurologist and cranial osteopath all of whom could not help me. Doctors kept prescribing Amitriptyline and various other drugs that didn’t work. I came to Clive And he has stopped my symptoms overnight!!! It’s amazing, thank you so much. I really can’t recommend him enough. He makes you feel very at ease and is extremely professional, I should have visited him months ago!!